Our Experience

Although our business (and our essence) is intrinsically rooted in Africa, CONTINUUM professionals have undertaken projects for extractive clients all over the globe. The landscapes, and the resources our clients propose to extract may alter, but fundamentally the business objectives and the challenges remain the same.  We use our wide-ranging expertise and previous experience to develop and deliver customised risk solutions.


Major liquefied naturalgas (LNG) project (Mozambique)Development of the ESMP and associated plans and implementation of the ESHIA.Anadarko
Lusthof Colliery (Mpumalanga)Social ImpactAssessmentJMA Consulting forBlack Gold Coal
Mine Expansion(Northwest Province)Socio-EconomicImpact AssessmentVametco Vanadium
Bettercoal InitiativePublic ParticipationBettercoal Group
Boshoek FerrochromeExpansion(Northern Province)Socio-EconomicImpact AssessmentJMA Consulting forExxaro
Delmas EntertainmentComplexSocio-EconomicImpact AssessmentSiVest for Sun Group
BoschmanspoortUnderground MiningExpansionSocio-EconomicImpact AssessmentJones & Wagner