About Us

Our Business

CONTINUUM is a social and environmental risk consultancy formed in 2011 by a group of professionals with a shared conviction that success, in any sphere, depends on everyone involved working together and benefitting together.

It’s what we like to call ‘a virtuous circle’ – our term for CONTINUUM’s end-to-end commitment to the projects we undertake. It means we believe that the investment we make in helping corporations meet their project objectives should be matched by the energy expended on ensuring fair and responsible outcomes for the communities and environments affected by them.

What excites us is helping our corporate clients in the natural resources and extractive industries manage their project risk from start to finish: developing workable solutions that support their financial goals while also protecting and benefitting the socio-environmental areas in which they operate.

Some of us are grey-haired, and have been involved in projects across the globe, others are fresh off the university press.  At CONTINUUM, we like to think the strength of our focused, forward-thinking team is in the sum of our parts and, together, we direct all our energies at making a meaningful difference to the corporations, communities and environments we serve.

Our Core Capabilities

We understand the natural resources and associated socio-economic arena well.  We care deeply about Africa.  And we want to see both prosper.  More than that, we want to use our experience and expertise to help make it happen.
CONTINUUM has the right people to offer expert holistic environmental and social management services to companies undertaking major extractive projects and – without compromising our clients in any way – we also have the heart to want to do right by the communities and environments they impact.


Our energetic and experienced team excels at creating unique solutions to help corporate clients in the natural resources and extractive industries to manage their project risk from start to finish.